Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.

Whats Happening

January 2012. With lightning streaking across the distant thunderheads across the river in Zambia, bringing the much needed rain, I found it cool enough to think about the last few months and share them with you. Watching earlier build ups of the huge cloud formations stimulated a piece I have been wanting to paint. 'Storm Over Devils Cataract' (right) captures typical scenes of the Victoria Falls at the end of our rainy season.

October saw the family taking a break from the heat by going on a rafting trip. It was Ben's first trip down which sparked memories of my first few runs at attempting to tame the mighty Zambezi.

Sitting in the 'boiling pot', the first body of calm water before rapid number one gave me some excellent photographs needed for a commission piece I have just completed. The image on the right captures the majestic and terrifying beauty of the falling water in this prehistoric chasm. Too often the sheer scale of this waterfall is lost, so the angle appealed to me as you can't but feel insignificant.

In November Springbok prop Tendai Mtawarira – ‘The Beast’ paid the gallery a visit and is seen left with myself and Judd Krambergar our gallery manager.

Going through some images of a recent field trip to Namibia inspired a collection of desert paintings.

With new commissions coming in I have been kept very busy and have several expeditions planned across Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

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