Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'Ship In The Night'

With silent grace this old elephant bull passes where we slept by the pan. A full moon shone down on the sea of bush and glinted off his tusks.
'Slaking Sands'

At the end of the dry season a herd of elephant bulls dig for water flowing beneath the white sands of the Rukomechi River.
'Tiger crossing'

'Urungwe Bull'

With a baleful stare a lone bull stands his ground... a muddy pan in the midst of the Urungwe Safari Area.
'Victoria Falls'

The thundering beauty of this place never lessens. Each time one sees it, the daunting majesty is enhanced. The Victoria Falls - there is nothing like it. The entire Zambezi River, plummeting 100m into a vast basalt chasm, surrounded by the rain forest, drenched in its own explosive spray and mist.
'View From The Victoria Falls Hotel'

'Wild Dogs, Rukomechi (Limited Edition)'

There are few scenes as evocative as the Lower Zambezi River in evening light. Here a pack of Wild Dog recline on the river bank not far from Rukomechi.
'Zambezi Bulls'

At the edge of this great river, three bulls pause and turn on a huge sandbank before retreating to the rugged bush beyond.
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