Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'Lioness Studies'

Sinewy motion and the capturing of it, from pencil to paint, is alluded to here. The daunting stare of a lioness, a window into a fiery spirit.
'Lord Of High Places'

The leopard surveys the magnificence of the Chizarira escarpment. The pull of the drop-off is exacerbated by the plummeting rock face. Scarlet blossoms of an Erythrina tree break across the granite cradle.
'Maasai Man on Anthill'

'Mana Bulls - Wet Season'

Elephant bulls amidst lush bush at the edge of the swollen waters of a muddy pool. A croc breaks the surface and drifts by.
'Mana Morning'

A typical scene in Mana Pools, a herd of zebra leave the water's edge and meander back into the cover of dense bush.
'Mara View'

Lions survey the magnificent Mara plains, abundant as it is with zebra and wildebeest. A pair of elephant bulls tussle for dominance. This rich scene is not uncommon in this incredible place.

Only after we had walked through a dense thicket of green bush did we look back and see the rounded boss, curving horns and wet nose of this nearby bull.
'Ohorongo Lions'

A lion and lioness survey the endless reaches of this part of central Namibia, where harsh scrubland reaches into desert.
'Parting The Waters'

In the Savuti a lone male lion moves between a herd of three hundred zebra. Fully alert, the vast herd parts amidst dust and dawn light.
'Pride At Dusk, Amboseli'

A restless pride of Lion search for sign or scent of prey. The evening breeze tugs at the mane of the pride male and causes dust to dance across the plain. Light touches the lower reaches of Mount Kilimanjaro. Snow capped and haunting, the peak reaches into the vault of the evening sky.
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