Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'Drop-off Leopard'

A simple exploration of the concept of this Leopard on a rock face led to the expanding painting "Lord Of High Places". I found the combination of the Leopard's lofty poise above and the drop below exciting.
'Eastern Cataract'

The Victoria Falls from the Zambian side reveals a magnificent chasm. From the main Falls, further towards Zimbabwe, emanates spray and an arching rainbow. The bridge spans the gorge between the two countries. Rarely seen, but resident only in this place and the surrounds, one finds the striking Schalows Turaco.
'Elephant Bulls At Chitaki'

At Chitaki Springs, not far from the Zambezi escarpment, a narrow ribbon of water emerges from the dry riverbed. The spring sustains herds of game through the dry months. Here three elephant bulls drink deeply from the shallow water in late afternoon light.
'Escarpment Dusk'

'Fearful Symmetry'

Blake captured it best,..."even in this relaxed, reflective mood the Tiger exudes a basic emotion which provokes our primal fears. It is the largest of the killing cats, it has eaten more people than any other, it is the most strikingly coloured and probably the best known. And when we have rid the jungle of the last of them, our world will be as safe and sterile as an airport departure lounge."
'High Water'

'Hwange Leopard (Limited Edition)'

With nonchalant gaze a leopard watches from a tree in the wilds of Hwange. A herd of impala nearby are unaware of his presence.
'Ice Spirit, Snow Leopard'

The Kagmara Pass, Nepal - Prime Snow Leopard country with its icy black rock faces...
'Karonga Bull II'

'Last Light On The Falls'

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