Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'Approaching Bull, Amboseli'

Across the desolate Amboseli plain, two elephant bulls move to water. Beyond them framed by distant forest and endless sky rises the mass of Kilimanjaro. Africa distilled...
'At The Edge Of The Falls (Limited Edition)'

Painted after the historic work of Thomas Baines (1893), the scene is a recreation of a time when buffalo haunted the Rainforest at the edge of the Falls. Today, herds approach the river nearby but remain fenced out.
'Before The Storm'

A black rhino bull turns restlessly before the coming rain, upsetting a flight of egrets.
'Breaking Cover'

In dense jesse bush three buffalo bulls peer out with that curious mix of angst and aggression.

A bushbuck ram emerges cautiously from dense bush, at the edge of the great Zambezi River.
'Bushbuck Doe'

With delicate grace a bushbuck doe picks her way along the edge of a hidden channel of the Upper Zambezi near Victoria Falls
'Crossing - Zambezi River'

Ploughing through mud and reeds an elephant bull follows some deep instinct to reach the far bank of this massive river.

'Dahwye Bushfire'

As a warning moon rises over the granite outcrop called 'Chidziwa', smoke fills the evening sky. A fire in the Dahwye farm game section causes impala to flee.
'Devils Cataract, Victoria Falls'

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