Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'Void of Angels'

Backlit spray and mist illuminate the deep gorge. Black Eagles, whose presence haunts the gorges below the Falls, test the void above the cauldron of the thundering Zambezi River.
'Leopard Pools'

The mystery of the silent pool mirrors the mood of this endlessly fascinating and elusive creature. Leopards survive where no other predator can.
'Glory of Egypt (sphinx, pyramids)'

Attempting to capture a vision, so deeply embedded in generations of the human psyche, a scene gazed upon by Cleopatra, Caesar, and Napoleon, has been extraordinary. On canvas, the Great Sphinx has felt like a living thing disguised by a camouflage of age and time.
'Sahara Camel Train (Tammanrasset, Algeria)'

At the end of a long journey a Taureg camel train enters the ancient salt route town of Tammanrasset. Beyond lies the vast expanse of the Sahara desert and the distant Hoggar Mountains. The Taureg people are a proud nomadic people greatly threatened by a fast-changing world.
'Great White - duplicate'

With deadly intent, a massive Great White Bears down on Fur Seals in the killing ground off Seal Island. I was awe struck when watching them in their environment of the cold Cape waters, not by their savagery but by their grace, curiosity and power.
'Equatoria (Oubangui River, Congo)'

The family inside the dugout canoe sported a bright pink umbrella, a glorious statement before the leaden expanse of the Oubangui river flowing beneath a storm sky. As I contemplated painting the scene, the name "Pink Cadillac" sprang immediately to mind.
'Danga Pan '

In the dry heat many species congregate at the muddy oases, the pans for the Hwange National Parks. Their interaction is always incredible to watch. I painted this scene in situ, chased away from the canvas at one point by a surprised elephant bull.
'Near Giraffe Springs'

'Africa Map I'

Riotous and rugged, filled with danger and delight the African continent seduces explorers as it always has.
'Africa Map II'

Sketched vignettes throw light on a dark continent.
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