Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'Karonga Bull'

"The Karonga bull has emerged in contention as Zimbabwe's largest tusker. His tusks are estimated to weigh 80-90 lbs. The painting depicts the moment when the Karonga bull decided that the photographic session was terminated. A sudden and Dramatic charge found artist and guide fleeing into the lake laden down with expensive camera equipment".
'Elephant (Loxodonta Africana) '

'Buffalo (Syncerus Caffer)'

'Zambezi Storm, Buffalo'

A pair of Buffalo Bulls are set against leaden waters reflecting a February storm. Unsettled by the wind and the weather, the Buffalo became as agitated as the sky above. Gunmetal blue sky and water, split by the dazzling contrast of the Zimbabwean sand banks of the far shore made this an irresistible scene to paint.
'Batoka Gorges'

"On this cold morning beyond the Victoria Falls as the mist rises from the Zambezi River and its gorges, a delicate trio of Klipspringers have moved to catch the first sun. Their especially adapted hooves enable them to move at extraordinary speed over daunting rock faces"
'Sundance on Stone'

"We had spent the night on the Tingwe river. During the night this inquisitive leopard had entered the camp and chased off two of our horses. This Mavuradonha wilderness area covers 600 square kilometres, and is home to herds of elephants and smaller game."
'Near Boschendal (red bishop birds,cape)'

Set against the receding view of the Simonsberg Mountains, rich foliage and a pair of Red Bishop Birds emphasise the quiet natural beauty of this place.
'Maasai Homecomming'

For the Maasai cattle are more precious than wealth. Here, as day ends, two Moran move a herd back to their village beneath the fading majesty of Kilimanjaro.
'Mozambique Titans'

We witnessed a territorial battle between two rival Hippo Bulls soon after entering Mozambican waters.
'The Great Migration'

Witnessing the migration of Wildebeest and Zebra between Tanzania and Kenya is to see one of the Earth's great and constant journeys. Rising dust heralds the arrival of the herds at the water's edge.
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