Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'Etosha Giraffe'

Giraffe move across the dream-like Etosha Landscape in Namibia, beneath the promise of rain.
'Wild sky'

An explosive morning sky frames the silhouette of a lone cheetah in Kenya.
'Three Dhows, Mozambique'

Dhows head home with the morning\s catch off Bazaruto Island, Mozambique.
'Evening Flight, Boschendal'

Beneath the citadel of the Groot Drakenstein mountain lies the Boschendal estate established in 1651. A flock of guinea fowl, ever present in the vineyards,make for their evening roost.
'Lion (Pantheras Leo)'

'Black Rhino (Deceros Bicornis)'

'Tashinga Rhino'

"Tashinga, in the Matusadonha area, adjacent to Lake Kariba has become the focal point for a determined survival program for the threatened Black Rhino. Here a cow and Calf approach the water's edge. As children we spent many weeks at this same spot, in a time when rhinos were plentiful"
'Ethosha Skylight'

"In the vastness that is Etosha, three Gemsbuck bulls move beneath a dramatic sky, flirtatious with the promise of rain. Shafts of light penetrate windows in the clouds and dull the hope of the thirsting land".
'Edge of a Bad Mood'

"Whilst canoeing through a narrow channel of the Zambezi River near Mana Pools, I encountered this crusty old bull. The mood of a lone buffalo is unmistakable. A Subtle malevolence easily inspired to violence".
'Batoka Gorges'

"on this cold morning beyond the Victoria Falls as the mist rises from the Zambezi River and its gorges, a delicate trio of Klipspringers have moved to catch the first sun. Their especially adapted hooves enable them to move at extraordinary speed over daunting rock faces"
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