Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'Great White'

With deadly intent, a massive Great White bears down on Fur Seals in the killing ground off Seal Island. I was awe struck when watching them in their environment of the cold Cape waters, not by their savagery but by their grace, curiosity and power..
'At Rest'

With languid grace a pair of Cheetah enjoy the late sun on a ridge above the Masai Mara. They will rest during the hottest hours but hunt in daylight. The final sprint for prey can take place at speeds of up to 76 km per hour!
'Karonga Bull'

The Karonga bull has emerged in contention as Zimbabwe's largest tusker. His tusks are estimated to weigh 80-90 lbs. The painting depicts the moment when the Karonga bull decided that the photographic session was terminated. A sudden and dramatic charge found artist and guide fleeing into the lake laden down with expensive camera equipment.
'Amber Waters'

Long reflections of silent bush frame a leopard in repose at the water's edge. Gache Gache, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.
'Dust and Thunder'

Rising dust and the drumming of a thousand hooves accompany the flight of a huge herd of zebra across the Savuti floodplain in Botswana.

Beautiful lilac breasted rollers, typical of the Southern African Savannah, will hunt insects disturbed by the passage of large animals, such as the black rhino.
'The Stalk'

With absolute stealth a leopard moves through a sunlit passage between granite boulders in Zimbabwe.
'Rift Valley'

Poised on high ground, a cheetah watches a herd of giraffe as morning breaks across the expanse of a Kenyan plain.
'Eaglesvlei Raptors'

A pair of raptors (Buteo rufofuscus), so typical to the Cape Vineyards, at Eaglesvlei Winery near Stellenbosch. This painting is featured in a Discovery Channel documentary filmed in 2006.
'Burning Sand'

The white sand of the Chewore riverbed in Zimbabwe reflects the October heat. Three bull elephants seek relief from a shadowed cusp of surface water.
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