Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.


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'African Epic'

A phalanx of seven elephant bulls cross the deep currents of the Zambezi River.
'Zululand Black Rhino'

With heavy grace a lone Bull emerges from the impenetrable Zululand bush and enters the muddy waters of a hidden pan.
'Zambezi Storm'

A pair of Buffalo Bulls are set against leaden waters reflecting a February storm. Unsettled by the wind and the weather, the Buffalo become as agitated as the sky above.
'Leopard Tree'

Elusive to the end, we occasionally found signs of Leopard on our farm. The mysterious guest is depicted here in the same tree where he had been sharpening his claws.

As dawn breaks over the Zambezi valley, this magnificent and regal pair take stock of their territory. Mist skirts a distant hill and the Illala palms rise out from the riverene forest, all subjects in a lorded land.
'African Light, Mana Pools'

In the dawn light, flights of egrets drift above the rising dust from a buffalo herd returning from watering on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

Deep in the backwaters and reedbeds of a tributary to the Karnali River in Nepal, a male tiger reacts to movement with imperious curiosity.
'Legend Sketch'

Photographed during the preparation of the 'Legend' painting, this full sized print offers a rare glimpse into the 'art behind the art' - as Larry puts his thoughts down on canvas in preparing the composition before applying his oils...

In the Mvurwi farming area where we were based, a few wiley leopards still remain. Seldom seen or noticed (except during calving) they inhabit the high granite outcrops so typical of this area.

In the potholed bed of the Tingwe stream, a lone Malachite Kingfisher provides a small explosion of colour against the verdant backdrop. The clear waters below provide crustaceans, frogs, tadpoles and fish for the small and solitary hunter.
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