Born in Zimbabwe in 1963, Larry Norton grew up on a game farm in North-East Zimbabwe.



21 July 2016


An exhibition of recent oil paintings, studio drawings and expedition field studies by Larry Norton will be held at the Studio Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe from 21st July to 24th July 2016. In addition to work covering Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Namibia the exhibition offers a rare opportunity to purchase original fieldwork from a recent Botswana expedition. This unique collection of 50 sketches and watercolours was largely completed during an 8 day, 135 km unsupported walk through the Okavango swamps undertaken by John Sobey and Larry Norton in May 2016.
Sincere thanks to John Sobey and all at African Horseback Safaris and Stuart Mackay , Mack Air.



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Okavango Delta - Original Sketches

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1. Cover Page

Herd of Elephant crossing main road from Victoria Falls to Kasane (Kazangula Road).
2. Kasane Airport

Talking with Gary Player - Kasane Airport. Note mountain of kit!
3. Bateleur Eagle Over the Delta

Bateleur Eagle flying over the Okavango Delta. Seen from above.
4 Fire Over the Delta

Impression of fires over the Okavango Delta, with White Backed Vultures.
5 Drying Pan and Elephant

Drying pan with tracks leading in. Two bulls & Ilalas.
6 Bull Feeding

Bull feeding in flooded channel with Hippo. Short thick ivory ripping grass up and slapping it around to remove sand from roots.
7 Sketching the Baobab

Sketching our camp beneath the baobab - Okavango.
8 Broken Ivory and Baobab

Big pieces of brocken ivory at the roots of the baobab. Possibly from fighting bulls?
9 Evening Skyline

Evening Skyline - Okavango.
10 Moonlight

Moonlight on the bark of the baobab - Silvery gold colour. Okavango.
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